What is a Certified Professional Facilitator?

Since June of 2004, Ruth Urban has been a Certified Personal Facilitator and has maintained that certification. In order to attain this specialized certification through the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), one must demonstrate knowledge of the Core Competencies of Facilitators, which includes a rigorous application process, a series of interviews, demonstrations and an assessment by an international panel. Every three years the IAF re-assess your skills.

Facilitators ascribe to a set of values and principles, which include believing in the inherent value of the individual and the collective wisdom of the group.

Facilitators strive to help the group make the best use of the contributions of each of its members.

Facilitators set aside personal opinions and support the group's right to make its own choices.

Facilitators believe that collaborative and cooperative interaction
builds consensus and produces meaningful outcomes.

Facilitators value professional collaboration to improve their

Statement of Values and Code of Ethics for Facilitators

IAF Core Facilitators Competencies

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